Mary of Plymouth

Mary of Plymouth

Young Mary and the Pilgrims come to an America that today’s children would not recognize. Desolate and cold, there are no homes, no churches, no stores, no crops, nor livestock. How did the Pilgrims build homes in the bitter cold of a New England winter? What did they eat? How did they construct a fireplace with no bricks? What did they use to make candles and eating utensils? What about church services…Indians…table manners…cooking…new foods? It’s all here in fascinating detail for the entire family to discover.

Mary of Plymouth, a narrative story sure to awaken your children’s curiosity about their country’s heritage, gives your children a sense of true American history. A story for children about the joys and hardships the Pilgrims faced—all through the observant eyes of a young girl. Revisit Mary’s Plymouth, when the quaint Old World that we can only imagine, becomes the challenging New World that Mary lives.

Approx. 2 ½ hrs. Read by Nikkae Huber.



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