The Founding of America


The Founding of America did not start with the sound of “the alarm” of the Red Coats advancing from Concord. Using the fascinating backdrop of God’s providential timetable, evangelist/historian Richard “Little Bear” Wheeler vividly retraces the advancement of individual and national liberty, from its earliest connection to William Wallace in the Scottish cause for freedom, to America’s war-torn Old Glory.

The intriguing drama of history continues to unfold—as the foundations of God’s Holy Word and His Providence are Divinely established; as a persevering Christopher Columbus discovers American shores in preparation for a faithful people; as the Pilgrims establish a beachhead of faith-loving freedom through self-denial and hardships; and ultimately, as the heroic Founding Fathers and valiant women embrace the furnace of affliction for a lasting freedom in this one nation under God. Accurate… Inspiring… An in-depth study of providential history—ideal for the avid young history student, as well as for the parent/educator. Live recording.

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Download includes the following 5 messages:

Part 1
God Prepares the Heart:

The Role of Braveheart in Our Freedom’s Cause
Part 2
God Prepares the Word:
The Role of the Bible and Our Biblical Liberty
Part 3
God Prepares the Land:
The Role of Columbus in the Founding of Our Nation
Part 4
God Prepares the People:
The Role of the Pilgrims and Our Christian Legacy

Part 5 God Prepares the Nation:
The Role of the Patriots and Our Christian Liberty

“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” -Psalm 11:3

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